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Sister and Hubert have escaped to the town of Stamfort, where they rejoined Hubert's gang. Unfortunately for them, a heist went wrong. Now Sister is in the hands of the Viceroy's men and Hubert has been captured by Zozimos the wise.



  • Hubert
    Hubert - Main Hero

    A young thief with a serious lack of common sense, but a surplus of acrobatic skill. He rescued Sister from a church basement and will do whatever it takes to protect her--if he can think of it. It seems that he knows her from somewhere...

  • "Sister"
    Sister - Main Heroine

    An adorable but apparently non-human girl who eats precious metals. Her small size belies her great strength, and she is most powerful when "full."


  • Con
    Con isn't his full name

    The leader of a gang of thieves and Hubert's older brother. He's tough on his kid sibling, but he's worried about a lot of things. His planning skills are pretty much the opposite of Hubert's.

  • Brem

    Con's right-hand man and go-to muscle. A level-headed, nice guy.

  • The Ladder Gang
    welcome home

    The group of thieves led by Con. They're a miserable group of ragtag orphans and waifs, but have managed to pull off at least one impressive heist.

  • Isembard Islington
    his mustache alone has made grown men cry

    A slimy fight promoter who is nonetheless willing to help the Ladder Gang retrieve Hubert... for a price.



Madeleine Fisher

I'm a cartoonist and (someday) an IT professional trying to make my way in the crazy world. I also do the art for the comic Brainstorm, written by Stuart Fisher.

Extras and Such

Con Notes

Here are some notes I made to myself about Con's appearance and how to differentiate him and Hubert (while still keeping them similar enough to be brothers). Not sure if I ended up even following these :{